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What is a PicksUp League?

A PicksUp League is a small group of friends, family members, or co-workers that get together to pick, vote, predict, or bet on anything.

You can take a look at a few samples leagues on our News & Social page.

Getting Started

All you need to get started is one commissioner to set up the league by adding questions and answer options. Anyone can be invited to join the league by sharing the custom URL found on the league page.

For Commissioners

Gather up your group and get started making picks on anything from sports to reality TV outcomes.

Click CREATE NEW LEAGUE below to get started.

Ready to get Picking?

The People Love to Pick.


My reality TV addiction has gotten worse. Now I can bet on everything that is going to happen. #picksupio



Another day, another #picksupio challenge with the squad. #E2LoveSquad #WINNING

Ronnie Tuesday


Best thing to happen to staff meetings in a while! #picksupio

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