Welcome, Beta Testers!

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on this site.

Our current goals

Our team is looking for general feedback regarding creating a league, inviting players, and scoring the league.

What you need to do

Please get started by clicking 'Create New League'. This button is available on the homepage, in the nav, and in the footer. Please follow the steps to create the league. Questions and answers can be dummy text or anything made up. Once the league is created, you will join with your username and be entered into the league. From there, please answer all of your questions and use the invite link to invite one other user. The site uses cookies to track users, so if you would like to invite yourself, please use a different device or browser. Once all questions are answered, you can score the league using the commissioners account (the league creator) by clicking the "Score" button under the logo on the league page.

Providing Feedback

Once you have completed this quick walkthrough, feel free to continue to dig around the site looking for other issues. Please gather up some quick thoughts about the entire process and email joshua@picksup.io. A few specifics to include would be 1. league creation, 2. league interactions and gameplay, 3. overall platform idea, 4. design and interface 5. general feedback. Please be sure to include information about the device(s) and browser(s) you used.

Thank you!

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